Reviews and Testimonies

I have been training with Sophie and Christina of FierceFit for the past 4 months and I have finally found a group that makes me feel comfortable and welcomed.    Sophie and Christina challenge me to workout hard and use proper form when doing all the workouts and definitely provides the encouragement needed.    I have personally challenged myself to work out and eat healthier to achieve my ideal body weight.   I didn’t think I could stick to this challenge but have done this for the past 4 months and have definitely seen a huge transformation in my weight and also in muscle strength.   With a variety of workouts from HIIT classes, upper and lower body strength, cardio, stretch & yoga, and band classes, I get a full body workout with every class.   I am definitely on the right fitness track and healthier eating plan.    Thank you Sophie and Christina for your constant encouragement and your vast knowledge and experience to the diverse training classes.

– Debbie

I just wanted to thank you Christina Meyer and Sophie Roque for your online workouts. Having them on line and in person really helps to eliminate procrastination. It has been a lifesaver in many ways, especially during Covid lockdowns! You guys are amazing! Thanks for the encouragement, cheerfulness and dedication! Freida