August Contest

We want to see you eat your greens! Every time you post a picture of your leafy green or fruit salad to social media you will be entered into a draw for a free month of virtual classes. Please no potato or pasta salad, we want to see you eat more fruits and veggies!

August Schedule

A new month, means a slightly different schedule and a new challenge!! The schedule is practically the same except there are a few less classes. With us going on vacation we wanted to keep it simpler so we dropped the Friday 9:30 am and Sunday morning classes. There is still plenty to choose from!

July’s Schedule

Hello everybody! Here’s your schedule for the summer, we’ve moved a couple around to different times, but all the class times will be the same as June. If you have any class types you would like to try, let us know, we’ll see what we can do for August, and if you have any other suggestions, we would love to […]

June’s Schedule

Here’s the schedule for June! Notice that the times for the evening classes are a bit different, and Monday is at 6:30 while the other evening classes are at 6. We hope that this allows you to still have plenty of evening time outside to enjoy the nice weather!

May Schedule

Welcome to May! We added a few classes! 9am on Monday and Friday mornings, and Sunday mornings at 11:30. We hope that the two new 9am classes will appeal to more people that are looking for low intensity and low impact and still keep their body moving. Sunday morning is going to be a surprise! It could be a mash […]