Christmas Core Challenge

We’re doing a Core Christmas Challenge for the month of December. These are exercises that you can do on your own time. If you take a little time lapse video of yourself doing the moves and share it with us or tag us on social media, you get a entry for a free month of classes for every video you do for us (1x per day max) AND you can also kick off the new year on the right foot with a free nutrition coaching session with Sophie Roque! For the challenge you get bonus points for adding festive flair! lol, so get your Santa hats, and garland and get creative! Can’t wait to see your videos!

Here’s a video of demonstrating the moves for the challenge. Hope it helps. record yourself and share with us in our Facebook group or send it to us on messenger or email. Something fun to play with is time lapse videos, see yourself move in high speed!

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