Healthy Breakfast Challenge

To start the new year off on the right foot, lets start the day off with a great breakfast! Which leads me to our next monthly challenge, this month we invite you to start off each day eating a healthy balanced breakfast. Post a picture on social media and use #fiercefitfood so we can find it easier. And we have […]

Christmas Core Challenge

We’re doing a Core Christmas Challenge for the month of December. These are exercises that you can do on your own time. If you take a little time lapse video of yourself doing the moves and share it with us or tag us on social media, you get a entry for a free month of classes for every video you […]

November Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the next month. Times are mostly the same except for Thursday afternoon is now Thursday evening at 7pm. We just wanted to move things around and see how it feels. So kickboxing is going to be in the evening and Core will be in the mornings with added resistance bands! Can’t wait to see you online!

August Contest

We want to see you eat your greens! Every time you post a picture of your leafy green or fruit salad to social media you will be entered into a draw for a free month of virtual classes. Please no potato or pasta salad, we want to see you eat more fruits and veggies!

August Schedule

A new month, means a slightly different schedule and a new challenge!! The schedule is practically the same except there are a few less classes. With us going on vacation we wanted to keep it simpler so we dropped the Friday 9:30 am and Sunday morning classes. There is still plenty to choose from!