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Christina and Sophie are both certified fitness instructors. Their workouts vary from low impact/low intensity, bands, Tabata, AMRAP, strength, cardio, a mix of both, HIIT to kickboxing even. There is also stretch/mobility and they’re also adding new things like monthly challenges to keep our training diverse and engaging! Feel free to invite people you know who’d like to get fit. Sophie and Christina are happy to offer the first 2 weeks free, so give it a try! Sophie is also a Certified Weight Loss Coach currently in school to be a Natural Nutritionist and Herbologist and can help you with your nutrition goals.


The classes are meant for everyone of all abilities. Modifications are shown and made for all levels​. Movement and nutrition is most emphasized!


Christina and Sophie are certified fitness instructors through canfitpro, and have been part of the health and wellness industry for a while. Sophie was a nurse and has extensive knowledge of how our bodies work in relation to movement.


They are there for you to help you on your journey to becoming your strongest, healthiest fiercest self.


Hi, I’m Sophie, a certified Fitness Instructor and Weight Loss Coach. I’m a mom/stepmom in a blended family. My kids/step kids are older but I still like to be a great role model for them by being an example. I also still want to have energy into my later years to do what I love to do and stay as active as possible! I am a recently retired RPN community nurse so I have experience in a health field. My passion has always been to dedicate my time helping in some form. I want to inspire and strive for people to reach their optimal health holistically. I’ve always been active outdoors and at the gym but since I started doing obstacle courses races like Tough Mudder and Spartan a fire started in me to want to do fitness and nutrition more. I have a condition called PCOS which affects different aspects of my health and a major one is anxiety/depression. I’ve come to learn over time and through life experience that having faith in God, exercise, eating well, and a better mindset, it is keeping me at my optimal health and lifestyle. It’s a great desire of mine to teach anyone at any level in their life a better healthy lifestyle by getting more active, learning more about nutrition and obtaining a strong and fierce mindset. Our bodies are designed in a way to keep it active, to move freely without restraint. With proper self care, you can have a full and enriched life, feeling your very best and it is very achievable! Like anything we learn in life, it just needs one step at a time and we are so pleased to help throughout this journey! I am currently in school to become a Natural Nutritionist and herbologist. This is to expand my current knowledge and further be of assistance.


Hey there, my name is Christina, and I’m a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist.   I’m also a homeschooling mother of 5 kids in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

You can imagine that life is pretty busy, and homeschooling just adds another level of busyness on top of that. You might be wondering, “How does she have time to be a fitness instructor?” One of the reasons I became an instructor was to show my kids that it’s important to follow your own personal interests and passions.  They, and I, need to see me as an individual, that there is more to me than just being their mom.

Another reason I became a group fitness instructor is that I had been going to group fitness classes at the YMCA for years and I loved them.  Those classes were such great therapy for me as I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and ADHD.  The ADHD part of me is always looking for something new and exciting, and after I had soaked up all the information I could from the group fitness classes, I decided to get certified myself.  That way, I could create new and exciting classes for other people.  

The 2020 COVID lockdowns were the perfect time to start running virtual fitness classes, which evolved into Fierce Fit.

We’re excited to help you meet your fitness goals, whatever they are, through fun and engaging workouts and personal coaching.

Christina - Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist